UPDATED – Settlers IV Installation Guide


After quite some time, it’s finally time to update my installation guide. I’ve not only updated the steps but also tried to keep the design and structure up-to-date with the rest of the blog.

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The Mayan Music Bug – Explained and Fixed

Grosser-Tempel (1)

A long time ago I wrote about the lost Trojan song that was released with the Community Pack. I also mentioned two unused Viking tracks that were in the game’s files. Turns out there is also a problem with the Mayan – which has been gathering a lot of interest from the community in the past few months!

So why not talk about this specific Bug a little more in-depth? Oh, and don’t worry; if you just want to fix it, – or any of the other two bugs- feel free to check my quick guide here.

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Changes to the Blog

Werkzeugschmiede (2)

Just a brief entry about the current state of the blog, future plans and various changes I’m planning. Nothing directly related to the game.

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Hardware/Software 3D Error Fix

Hello there, Time Travelers! Welcome back!

Let me get you a fix for the infamous Hardware/Software 3D Error! More information behind one simple click.

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OLD – Settlers IV Installation Guide


This guide has been updated. Please find the up-to-date version here.

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Change your language!


I was playing some S IV with a Spanish friend today, and we had to go into the game’s files and tweak a little to get the game to work properly… He tweaked his own files, I minded my own business… But then I found a Language parameter.

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Settlers 1 reference!



I found this little Easter Egg a little while ago: basically, one of the Roman’s Eyecatchers is a Medieval Knight… Which may seem a little out of place at first glance. If you take a closer look, however, you may notice that it’s Settler 1’s box art Knight! Nice detail, right?

(I wrote this entry as a means of having a source to quote when I posted this to Did You Know Gaming. That’s why this is so short.


Thanks for reading, and have fun playing!

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