Changes to the Blog

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Just a brief entry about the current state of the blog, future plans and various changes I’m planning. Nothing directly related to the game.

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Hardware/Software 3D Error Fix

Hello there, Time Travelers! Welcome back!

Let me get you a fix for the infamous Hardware/Software 3D Error! More information behind one simple click.

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Getting the most out of Settlers IV; Initial Configuration Guide

s4cp_logo_ger*Blows the dust out of the Blog*

Well well well! Look who’s back! And with something that I have wanted to do for a very long time! How about I tell you about the best way to install and configure Settlers IV on a modern computer? Sounds good? Keep reading, then!

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Change your language!


So… I was playing some S IV with a friend today, and we had to go into the game’s files and tweak a little… He tweaked his own files, I minded my own business…

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Settlers 1 reference!



I found this little easter egg a while ago… Basically, one of the roman’s eyecatchers is a medieval knight… A little out of place, but if you take a closer look, you will be able to notice that it is Settler 1’s boxart knight! Nice, huh?

(It also is the… only(?) easter egg that I know of so far from the entire series… Germans do in fact have a great sense of humor… But no wonder the rest of the world thinks they don’t…). Anyway, will(try to) keep you updated! And sorry for forgetting about the blog for what seemes like an eternity.


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“New” Settlers IV Track

Mittleres-Wohnhaus (3)It’s no secret that Settlers IV is a mess. I mean, depending on the icon you’re starting the game with, it will start in different languages, random tracks suddently not playing ingame, sync problems on multiplayer…

Some of these problems were solved with patches… But there was one that didn’t… And it was only solved with the game’s very last expansion pack; the Community Pack(sometimes also called Große Feldzüge).

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Texture swapper for tropical textures

So yesterday (well, technically today) I told you how to play DNW with an english Settlers IV installation…

Anyway, on the comment section of GOG’s announcement video, I remembered that, like a year ago, I found a pretty useful mod that allowed to play with the tropical textures on ANY map, even campaign missions (specially appropiate for mayan missions like Shores of Gold)… Let’s take a look at it, now shall we?

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