Changes to the Blog

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Just a brief entry about the current state of the blog, future plans and various changes I’m planning. Nothing directly related to the game.

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Hardware/Software 3D Error Fix

Hello there, Time Travelers! Welcome back!

Let me get you a fix for the infamous Hardware/Software 3D Error! More information behind one simple click.

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Getting the most out of Settlers IV; Initial Configuration Guide

s4cp_logo_ger*Blows the dust out of the Blog*

Well well well! Look who’s back! And with something that I have wanted to do for a very long time! How about I tell you about the best way to install and configure Settlers IV on a modern computer? Sounds good? Keep reading, then!

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Change your language!


I was playing some S IV with a spanish friend today, and we had to go into the game’s files and tweak a little to get the game to work properly… He tweaked his own files, I minded my own business… But then I found a Language parameter.

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Settlers 1 reference!



I found this little Easter Egg a little while ago: basically, one of the Roman’s Eyecatchers is a Medieval Knight… Which may seem a little out of place at first glance. If you take a closer look, however, you may notice that it’s Settler 1’s boxart Knight! Nice detail, right?

(I wrote this entry as a means of having a source to quote when I posted this to Did You Know Gaming. That’s why this is so short.


Thanks for reading, and have fun playing!

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“New” Settlers IV Track

Mittleres-Wohnhaus (3)It’s no secret that Settlers IV is a mess. I mean, depending on the icon you’re starting the game with, it will start in different Languages, random tracks suddently not playing ingame, sync Problems in Multiplayer…

Some of these problems were solved with patches… Here’s a very special one. This problem was fixed, but only in the game’s very last expansion pack; the Community Pack(sometimes also called Große Feldzüge). An obscure Expansion Pack even by german standards.

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Texture Swapper for Tropical Textures


Yesterday I told you how to play DNW with an English Settlers IV Installation… This, combined with some comments on Announcement Video for Settlers IV made me remember that, some time ago, I found a pretty useful Tool that allowed to you play with the Tropical Textures on ANY map, even Campaign Missions (which looked awesome on some Mayan maps)… Let’s take a look at it, shall we?

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