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“New”Settlers IV track

It’s no secret that Settlers IV is a mess. I mean, depending on the icon you’re starting the game with, it will start in different languages, random tracks suddently not playing ingame, sync problems on multiplayer… Some of these problems … Continue reading

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Coming tomorrow…”Community Pack”

So… First of all, I was travelling to Germany(where I am right now), so I wasn’t able to post anything while on the airport… Aaaaaanyway, as I am in Germany right now, I could finally met up with my recently bought”Community Pack”… … Continue reading

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Texture swapper for tropical textures

So… Yesterday(well, technically today) I told you how to play DNW with an english Settlers IV installation… Anyway, on the comment section of GOG’s announcement video, I remembered that, like a year ago, I found a pretty useful mod that allowed to … Continue reading

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Play the New World EP with the english Gold Edition

Hi there! As my first entry on this blog I decided to show you how to play the New World expansion with an english Gold Edition(not sure if it would work with other versions, as the only english Settlers IV … Continue reading

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