Play the New World EP with the English Gold Edition

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Hello there! For the first entry on this blog I decided to show you how to play the New World expansion with an english Gold Edition. Let me get a few things out of the way first, and let’s get started, shall we?

Two years ago I decided to play Settlers IV with some spanish friends… This made sharing my german copy of the game a little difficult (words like Aussichtsturm or Holzfällerhütte could potentially lead to their heads imploding).

But after some research (probably Ebay, it’s been a very long time), I managed to get an English Gold Edition. Great!

I installed it to make sure it worked fine, and immediately I noticed two things;

First, I had two separate installations of the game on one computer at the same time… And not only were they not interfering with each other, they didn’t even aknowledging the other one’s existence!

Second, I noticed that the English GE didn’t feature the New World (Die neue Welt) Expansion Pack. After some more research (not on ebay this time, though), I discovered that the Expansion Pack had never had an english release… In fact, it wasn’t released outside of Germany!

Okay, interesting little facts, but nothing out of the ordinary to be honest… Or so I thought until I wanted to play the game a couple of months later…

I couldn’t find my german Gold Edition disc (technically GE+, but you can read more on that here), so I took the english disc and decided to play the English GE.

Silly me thought, and I genuinely don’t remember why, to try and launch the German game with the English disc… And I got this:

The good old english main menu… But something is not quite right. What is that extra option (and in german, no less) doing there? And how on earth does this even work, if both installations do NOT interfere with each other? And they were definitely installed on different directories, even!

Update 2018: I have some theories on this, many years later, but nothing worth posting about. It may have something to do with the language configuration files… But I’d need more copies on different languages to test this, and they are hard to find.

If you choose the Die Neue Welt (from now on DNW) option, it’ll eventually ask for the”Mission CD 2″disc. Playing a randomly generated map with the tropical textures (a novelty of this Expansion), however, works. It’s as simple as checking the Neue Welt! box, as shown below.

This will start an English game with the gorgeous Tropical Textures. Changes include, e.g., Lava instead of Snow, greener and softer Grass, and white sanded Beaches. If I’m given the option, I always play with them.

Anyway, the Textures are nice and all, but the highlight of DNW were the missions; beautiful maps, fun-to-achieve and diverse goals… I mean, the first Viking mission involves solving a bunch of quests without even having a proper Settlement!

But don’t worry, you can play these without having to install a German GE+! I managed to come up with a way after some experimenting, on how to fuse both installations. You’ll still need either the GE+ or the Expansion Pack itself, as we’ll be copying some files, but the process is very straightforward.



Some  Settlers IV Gold Edition (tested with English, others may work too),

German GE+ disc, or the DNW Expansion Pack,

In case it’s not on the last version, the 2.50.1516 Patch (this is very important!)


  1. Have your desired Gold Edition installed and updated (as stated before, v2.50.1516 is what allows the magic to happen!),
  2. Install the German version of your choice,
  3. Go to the German game’s directory, and copy the content of the /Gfx folder,
  4. Paste the contents into your English (or other language’s) /Gfx folder,
  5. Start the English Game, and you should see the Die Neue Welt menu option!
  • You’ll have to launch the new missions with the German disc, though, so don’t get rid of it!

I know that it’s just a little tweak, and the Briefings and mission texts are still not translated… But as a curiosity, it works! And you’ll still get to play with the new textures.

“Here’s Evidence of this working. You can see the green”this is the Goal”Circle, and a little Message to remember you that a Shipbuilder requires a Hammer!”

This is all for now. There’s also a Texture Swapper for that tropical feel on-the-go, and there may be a way to translate the Text in the future, but that’ll have to wait.


Thanks for reading, and have fun playing!

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