Play the New World EP with the english Gold Edition

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Hi there! As my first entry on this blog I decided to show you how to play the New World expansion with an english Gold Edition(not sure if it would work with other versions, as the only english Settlers IV game I have is the english Gold Edition). So, let me tell you a couple of things, and let’s get started, shall we?

Two years ago I decided to play Settlers IV with some friends… Though, as they were spanish, I couldn’t just give them my german GE+ and tell them”here, play this!”. I managed, however, to get a copy of an english GE. I installed it to make sure it worked fine, but I noticed two things; -first of all, I had both the german Gold Edition +(from now on only GE+) and the english Gold Edition(from now on only GE) installed at the same computer at the same time… And they didn’t interfere with each other. They didn’t even aknowledge the other’s existance. -then, I noticed that the GE didn’t feature the New World(Die neue Welt) expansion pack. This made me wonder why, and only then did I discover that the New World EP hadn’t had an english release. One day I wanted to play S IV, but couldn’t find my GE+ disc, so I decided to take a go with the GE disc. I don’t know why, but as the GE and the GE+ were installed at the same time, I decided to try to play the german game with the english disc… And this is what I got.

As you may notice, it’s the usual main menu… But with another button to choose from; the infamous Die Neue Welt. To this date I still don’t know how the heck both games can coexist on the same computer without interferring, but then creating that sort of mess depending on the icon you choose to start the game from… But it happens. And before you ask; the GE+ and the GE were installed on very different folders.

Anyway, if you decide to start a Die Neue Welt(from now on DNW) game, it will eventually ask for a disc for the”Mission CD 2″. Playing a random generated map with the new textures would however work. Just set up your game and check the box with”Neue Welt!”, as shown below.

This will access an english game with the gorgeous tropical textures. Changes include, for instance, lava instead of snow, greener grass and white sanded beaches. If I’m given the choice, I always play with them.

Anyway, the textures are nice, but what really shone about DNW were the missions; beautifull maps, fun-to-achieve and diverse goals… Heck, the first viking mission involves solving a bunch of quests without even having a proper settlement!

If you want to access these missions, the process is a little more difficult to figure out and to do… Well, not really more dofficult but longer. But don’t worry, you CAN play DNW even with an english GE. You will need the original expansion, however, or the GE+(only tested with the GE+ so far. Will keep you updated).


-English Settlers IV game(tested with GE, others could not work),

Die Neue Welt(the New World) expansion pack(tested with GE+, the expansion pack could require a german installation of S IV to work. Will keep you updated here).


-First of all, be sure to install the GE and the expansion pack(as I said on the required section above, the EP could need a german installation of Settlers IV in order to work. However, as the game is proven to be a mess when it starts, this could not be the case. I’ll keep you updated).

-If you want to make the process more simple, you could make a digital backup of the GE disc on your HDD, as I did, and access the image with Daemon Tools(any version will do, even free ones. Anyway, this step is optional). If you decide to do so, have the image mounted any time.

-Access the german game with the german disc and quit the game.

-Access the german game(very important to access the game using the GERMAN icon) with the english disc(you’ll probably get an error message at first. Don’t worry and press”Continue”instead of”OK”or”Cancel”. After a few times it will eventually go).

-Press the”Die Neue Welt”button and enter any mission, keep making everything as you normally would until you arrive at the briefing screen.

-Change to the german disc(if you decided to do my optional step, don’t worry about the english image being mounted) and start the mission.

-Voilá! You should now start a DNW mission with the game on english!

I know, it’s just a little tweak, and the briefing and mission”dialogues”in the game are on german, so you won’t be able to understang much… And the only thing in english are the menues… But hey! It works fine!

“Here is the evidence that it works… You can see the green”this is the goal“circle, and a little message to remember you that a Shipbuilder need a hammer!”

For now, this will have to do. There are other solutions that don’t involve all that tweaking(for example, I remember using a Texture Swapper for a time… If I’m able to find it again, I will review it. Another solution would be translating every single text. This could be tedious but, if someone shows me how to do it, I could do it myself. It would take time, but I could do it), but this was an amazing discover by itself. I mean, we all know that our beloved Settlers IV was a little messy but, that depending on the icon you accessed the game, even the language could change!?

This is Slax, signing out.


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