Texture Swapper for Tropical Textures


Yesterday I told you how to play DNW with an English Settlers IV Installation… This, combined with some comments on Announcement Video for Settlers IV made me remember that, some time ago, I found a pretty useful Tool that allowed to you play with the Tropical Textures on ANY map, even Campaign Missions (which looked awesome on some Mayan maps)… Let’s take a look at it, shall we?

I nearly went crazy trying to figure out the name of the Texture Swapper or even find any reference to it (as simply looking for”Texture Swapper”didn’t help).

Sometime later, after browsing through some pretty old Websites (some even predating Settlers V), I realized that my error was looking for an English tool. A simple search of Texturenwechsler brought me to this handy application. Nice and simple!

I also noticed that since 500, it hadn’t even achieved 500 Downloads (452 at the time writing this), so fairly obscure. Let’s try to change that!

So, I gave it a try, but starting the Texture Swapper from the Desktop didn’t help. I copied the Swapper to the game’s folder and started it. And it worked! …up to a certain point, that is. Some files were missing.

Maybe the message”Die Neue Welt is required” was to be taken seriously, after all. I made the Texture Swapper crash the English Installation again (all for science) and paid attention to the error I got.

Long story short, I copied the required files from the GE+ and it worked (similar to what you have to do when merging installations).

Any map with tropical textures, no matter the Version! Here’s a quick how-to:



Arbeitsbereich   The Texture Swapper (thanks to Cybertom!), Direct Download link!

Arbeitsbereich  GFX Files from The New World,


  1. Copy the /GFX Files from DNW to the /GFX Folder found in the main game directory,
  2. Unzip the Texture Swapper to the main game directory too,
  3. Launch the Swapper and click on the”Texturen wechseln!”Button.

By the way, the texture swapper will remain”active” until you deactivate it manually. Don’t forget about that if you want to play good ‘ol plain Settlers IV!


Thanks for reading, and have fun playing!

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