Texture swapper for tropical textures

So yesterday (well, technically today) I told you how to play DNW with an english Settlers IV installation…

Anyway, on the comment section of GOG’s announcement video, I remembered that, like a year ago, I found a pretty useful mod that allowed to play with the tropical textures on ANY map, even campaign missions (specially appropiate for mayan missions like Shores of Gold)… Let’s take a look at it, now shall we?

So… I nearly went crazy trying to figure out the name of the texture swapper (as simply looking for”texture swapper”didn’t help)… I even took a look around my old laptop’s HDD…

Anyway, after half an hour (which felt like three weeks) searching and taking looks at very old sites (from the time before Settlers V was released, that is), I finally managed to find it. But no wonder I couldn’t find it; my mistake was to search for an english texture swapper… It was german (this will be important later), so maybe searching for Texturenwechsler would have been… better. Also, I noticed a little detail; it had been up since 2005, and no even 500 downloads were accomplished (452 as the time writing this).

So, I tried it… But starting the texture swapper from the desktop didn’t help, so I copied the swapper to the game’s folder and stated it. It worked… to a certain point. Some files were missing. THEN I considered taking the message”Die Neue Welt is required”seriously… Tried it with my GE+, and it worked.

So… I made the texture swapper crash the english installation again (Yeah!) and paid attention to the error I got.

Long story short, I copied the required files from the GE+ and it worked. I was genuinely playing the english version with the new textures (without that weird but ingenious way I told you last time, and being able to make even the tutorials looks a little”tropical”)! Now, let’s get serious;


-The texture swapper, thanks to Kaffi Hackboro (?),

-Some DNW Gtx files.

EDIT (14/IV/18): The old link seems to be dead, try this one. Should this one get taken down as well, write a comment and I will host the file myself. Cheers!


-First of all go to your installation folder (you should be able to find it yourself… Anyway, if there is any problem, feel free to post it on the comment section, I guess…) and copy the Gtx folder there. There are some files that are repeated, it’s your choice if you want to overwrite them or not(I did not and it just worked fine). Then unzip the texture swapper on the main folder and start it.

-Now, the only thing you need to do is press the”Texturen wechseln!”button and start the game!

By the way, the texture swapper will remain”active”until you deactivate it manually. Don’t forget about that if you want to play good ‘ol plain Settlers IV!

This is Slax, signing out.

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