Lost Trojan Track

Mittleres-Wohnhaus (3)It’s no secret that Settlers IV is a mess. I mean, depending on the icon you’re starting the game with, it will start in different Languages, random tracks suddenly not playing ingame, sync Problems in Multiplayer…

Some of these problems were solved with patches… Here’s a very special one. This problem was fixed, but only in the game’s very last expansion pack; the Community Pack(sometimes also called Große Feldzüge). An obscure Expansion Pack even by German standards.

In the old About Me page, I used to say that I was the first person to upload the Settlers IV OST to Youtube. To my knowledge, it’s still true, but it was worded very stupidly.

Why bring this up? When I was compiling the music tracks, I noticed that the Trojans had the same track twice, under different names (one was named settlement, the other one sea). Not that it was too out of the ordinary, though (the Vikings have two tracks that are in the files but never play), but interesting nonetheless.

Recently, I installed the Community Pack and was excited to play some new missions! But after a couple of minutes playing as the Trojans (still my favorites, change my mind), I noticed a brand new music track I had never heard before. And I can assure you I am pretty used to playing the Trojans.

My first thought was that this pack added new tracks for all races! Sweet!

A few minutes later I came to the conclusion that this was not the case. But then it hit me, and I checked the game’s files.

It was trojans_settle_02 .mp3. I couldn’t believe it.

Update 2018: I just noticed that I NEVER linked to the download link for the track itself here (only on GOG.com)… Here is the download!

After confirming this, making a few tests with other installations, etc. I immediately uploaded it to Youtube and came here to tell you about it. If you want to have this track too, follow my Quick Guide on how to do it.


Thanks for reading, and have fun playing!

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