“New” Settlers IV Track

Mittleres-Wohnhaus (3)It’s no secret that Settlers IV is a mess. I mean, depending on the icon you’re starting the game with, it will start in different languages, random tracks suddently not playing ingame, sync problems on multiplayer…

Some of these problems were solved with patches… But there was one that didn’t… And it was only solved with the game’s very last expansion pack; the Community Pack(sometimes also called Große Feldzüge).

If you read the section”about me”, you’ll already know that I uploaded Settlers’ IV soundtrack back in 2008… While I was uploading it, I noticed that the trojans had the same track twice, as both”sea”and”settlement”. I didn’t pay much attention to that detail, though. I mean, the vikings had TWO tracks that, though on the game’s files, wouldn’t play…

Anyway, as I was playing the Community Pack today(well, I was playing regular Settlers IV, to warm up for the new missions) I suddently noticed a brand new track, which I had NEVER heard before… And I’ve been playing this since 2003(2004, maybe), so I was very happy, as I thought that they had maybe included new tracks with the expansion pack… They didn’t, but instead fixed the missing trojan track!

This wasn’t like the vikings, where the tracks were to be found, but didn’t play ingame… The trojans had literally a track missing, and this was corrected with the Community Pack(and why they didn’t fix this with DNW… Well, your guesses are as good as mine). Needless to say I immediatly uploaded it!

(I have yet to play with the vikings… I hope their”lost”tracks play now!)

EDIT: Appearently, they did not…

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