Change your language!


So… I was playing some S IV with a friend today, and we had to go into the game’s files and tweak a little… He tweaked his own files, I minded my own business…

After some looking around, I found a file which had a”language”option… As it was set to zero, I didn’t think it would do anything and, if changed, would break the game… But it didn’t!

First, I tried number 1… It changed the game to german! Awesome!

Number 2 was french, and so on…



-The MiscData1 file, which can be found in the game’s”config”folder.


Simply open the file and change the”language”setting. If you’re looking for a specific language, here’s a quick list I made… Let me know if there’s any mistake!

0 English
1 German
2 French
3 Spanish
4 Italian
5 Polish
6 Korean
7 English(with alternate, asian font)
8 Swedish
9 Danish
10 Norwegian
11 Ungarian
12 Thai
13 Czech
…and after number 14, there appearently is only english.

So, let me know if it works on all versions, or if you found it useful!

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2 Responses to Change your language!

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  2. NorwayDude says:

    Wonderfull! I can confirm that 10 is Norwegian. You are a hero. Thank you for sharing and by then caring. Thank you for allowing me to retake the childhood memories.

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