Change your language!


I was playing some S IV with a Spanish friend today, and we had to go into the game’s files and tweak a little to get the game to work properly… He tweaked his own files, I minded my own business… But then I found a Language parameter.

This parameter, which I had never noticed before, was set to Zero. I didn’t think it changed much, if at all, and that at most it would crash the Game. It didn’t.

I began with number 1 (maybe it was a binary value)… And, to my surprise, it changed the game to German! This made me curious, and I tried number 2… C’était français!

Here’s what I found out:



Arbeitsbereich   The MiscData1.cfg file, which can be found in the game’s /Config Folder.


Open the file with a text editor and change the Language Setting. If you’re looking for a specific language, here’s a quick list I made. Let me know if there’s any mistake:

0 English
1 German
2 French
3 Spanish
4 Italian
5 Polish
6 Korean
7 English(with alternate, Asian font)
8 Swedish
9 Danish
10 Norwegian
11 Hungarian
12 Hebrew
13 Czech
…and after number 14, it defaults to English.

Let me know if it works on all versions, or if you found it useful.


Thanks for reading, and have fun playing!

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7 Responses to Change your language!

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  2. NorwayDude says:

    Wonderfull! I can confirm that 10 is Norwegian. You are a hero. Thank you for sharing and by then caring. Thank you for allowing me to retake the childhood memories.

  3. It seems you just took this list from that forum. But I don’t see this list to be correct according to the research I’ve done in original game files. Please see my list:

    0 “ENGLISH”
    1 “GERMAN”
    2 “FRENCH”
    3 “SPANISH”
    4 “ITALIAN”
    5 “POLISH”
    6 “KOREAN”
    8 “SWEDISH”
    9 “DANISH”
    10 “NORWEGIAN”
    11 “HUNGARIAN”
    12 “HEBREW”
    13 “CZECH”
    14 “FINNISH”
    16 “RUSSIAN”
    17 “THAI”
    18 “JAPANESE”

    Number ’14’ seems missing and ‘7’ I don’t know. It’s shortcut is ‘ch’. It might be Swiss.
    Currently I am working at Settlers IV game translation tool that can edit language files:

    • Slax_Vice86 says:

      Hello PawelC,

      I am both ashamed and grateful for your comment. First of all, both lists (also the one on are mine and were tested on my versions… I have to admit that I did confuse Hebrew with Thai, as you pointed out. I will fix that as soon as possible!

      As for the other languages, I can’t reproduce those results. Any number after 13 still defaults to English for me.
      I can come up with two possible explanations: either it has to do with some missing fonts on my computer (although I doubt it), or your version has, somehow, more languages in its code. What version are you using?

      Also, that tool sounds awesome! I had been looking for one such tool for a long time. I’m sure a lot of people will profit from it.

      If you’d like to continue this conversation more privately (I would love to on my end), send me a means of contact via the Contact Form ( ), and I’ll get it via email.

      Thank you very much for your input!

      • I do apologize, I noticed later that you are the same author and I didn’t know how to change my comment. However I didn’t mean that you did wrong by copying that list from that forum. I just thought you found it and did copy->paste without check, so I wanted to help and provide updated list. I was wrong.
        P.S. It was very nice to see a blog about Settlers IV in English. I didn’t see it before.

      • Slax_Vice86 says:

        Don’t worry! I didn’t mind at all. In fact, I was very thankful that you corrected me! I run this blog to help people, not for my ego. As such, I want to provide the most truthful information, even if that means getting corrected.

        Yeah, I decided to have an English blog to be able to reach more people. Glad you liked it! 🙂

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