Getting the most out of Settlers IV; Initial Configuration Guide

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Well well well! Look who’s back! And with something that I have wanted to do for a very long time! How about I tell you about the best way to install and configure Settlers IV on a modern computer? Sounds good? Keep reading, then!

This blog entry aims to be a project I conceived a long time ago; be a throughout guide(and compilation of assets) to properly install and play Settlers IV on a modern computer, and get the most out of it!

So, here we are! Let’s get going. Bring along a nice internet connection, there are!


-Your version of choice of Settlers IV,

DXGL(for Windows 8+. Does NOT work properly if you have multiple screens),

Oedi’s widescreen resolution fix,

Oedi’s German-language patches(if you want to play the game in german and own GOG’s version),

My guide to change the language,

-The“lost” trojan track(I wrote about it some time ago),


-First of all, start by installing the game just as you would usually do. Try starting it to see if it works(Windows 8+ users should get a 3D Initialisation error. Don’t worry, it’s fine).#

-If you are a victim to the 3D Initialisation Error, download DXGL and run it.screen1 Click on”Add” and look for your installation folder. Go to the”Exe” folder and select the S4_Main executable. Apply the changes(you shouldn’t have to change any other settings) and the error should be gone by now. Please note that DXGL does not work properly on computers running more than one screen).

-If you do not come across any more errors, it is time to change your game’s language now(if there’s any need. If not, simply jump to the next step). This is really an easy step;

  • If you want to play the game in german, simply download Oedi’s patch and run it. Select your main installation folder and install it there.
  • If you want to play on any other language, just follow the steps I go through on my own guide to change the language. This won’t change the language of the cutscenes, though. (I am working on a long-term solution for this one. Please understand)

-Now, it is time to change your game’s resolution. Download and open Oedi’s Widescreen fix(he’s a great guy, really), select your desired resolution(higher resolutions tend to glitch out a little, but nothing that would render the game unplayable) and drag the respecive GfxEngine.dll to the Exe folder(the very same one where the S4_Main could be found).

-The last thing for now will be to fix the”lost trojan track”(more info here). Due to a programming error, a track was overwritten. Download the track and copy it to the”Snd” folder.


And that’s about it! I hope that this guide was at least a little useful to you(and that it will help you to enjoy Settlers IV even better!). If you find an error that I do not adress, have a suggestion or would simply like to say someting about this guide, please contact me via email. I am looking forward to make this guide as complete and comprehensive as possible!

I would also like to thank Oedi from the forums. He has also made a lot of effort for the community, and two of the main fixes I talk about here are his. If you have a account, please remember to upvote him aswell!

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One Response to Getting the most out of Settlers IV; Initial Configuration Guide

  1. elishacloud says:

    I created a patch for The Settlers IV on Windows 8 and Windows 10. You can check it out here:

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