Hardware/Software 3D Error Fix

Hello there, Time Travelers! Welcome back!

Let me get you a fix for the infamous Hardware/Software 3D Error! More information behind one simple click.


Strolling through the webs for Windows 10 Compatibility for Settlers IV(and problems with a virtualized Win98 installation), I came across what promised to be a simple fix for what is probably one of the most infamous errors in the game.

The one that got me to initially consider writing the guide for the Settlers IV’s setup on a modern computer(which I intend to revamp and rewrite, tailoring it to different setups and versions of Windows… But all in due time).


Software 3D: Error initializing Graphic Interface!
Software 3D: Fehler beim starten der Grafikausgabe!
Hardware 3D: Error initializing Graphic Interface!
Hardware 3D: Fehler beim starten der Grafikausgabe!



I mean, I am by no means alone on this one; I have seen tons of posts on forums asking about this specific error, how to fix it if it enjoys taking long strolls through the beach… You know, getting to know its MO in an attempt to fix it.

While there is no one right solution to this error(your mileage may vary depending on your setup… This is why I want to investigate the issue further in the next couple of months), I found what appears to be one of the simplest solutions… Just download a file, let it run, and try not to get confused by all the German on screen(if you can’t speak German of course, but if you do… Hallöchen! 🙂  ).


Here’s the link. Simply download it(Herunterladen), and run it.
After a couple of next(weiter), it will ask you for a folder. Choose your Settlers IV root folder, and let the program do its job.

Now the game should start!


I have to admit that I have found a couple of problems with it(such as having some graphical options disabled or increased loading times when launching the game… The original author goes into more detail in his post), and is by no means an optimal solution(still looking for that one!), but it is definitely one of the easiest, simplest and most reliable ones I have found, and this will be more than enough for most people.

So enjoy this fix, and thank Toby for uploading and (presumably)making it! I know I do!

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  1. srac says:

    link missing ..

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