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Just a brief entry about the current state of the blog, future plans and various changes I’m planning. Nothing directly related to the game.

Time has passed and what we know about the game has changed. I have changed too, so let me address a few topics:

Rewriting older entries

Let’s be honest here; I cringe when I read what I wrote 5 years ago. I repeated the same few expressions constantly, never got to the point (and had to CONSTANTLY explain unimportant stuff in brackets)… It’s a hot mess. And I want to change that.

Update Nov. 2018: I have finally managed to start rewriting older entries. You may find them under the tag Rewritten.

I created a new Section a few months ago (Quick Guides, why not check it out? #ShamelessSelfPromotion) in which I tried to solve this a little bit: condensing information, making it way more readable (and getting rid of most of these annoying brackets!).

Forsthaus (3)This is now enough, however, and I also plan on rewriting those old entries. I won’t publish them again, though, because I don’t want to screw with people who may have linked the entries at some point. I just want to avoid some of the cringe, and make the information more accessible.

I’m also studying a major that is teaching me how to write in a more… Technical way, so my old entries are even more shocking to me not that I’ve learned to write in a more proper way.


Rewriting the Guide on to play Settlers IV on modern Computers

If I have any occasional readers in Settlermania, it’s because of that guide I wrote 3 years ago. It may have been decent back then and may help a person or two out of trouble nowadays, but it’s gotten obsolete at this point.

I am well aware of this and have wanted to change this at some point. Unfortunately, solving this will require a little more than adding or modifying a few lines of text on that Steinmetzhuette (1)list: I want to rewrite it completely.

This will require time, however. First of all, I am pretty busy with my studies right now (got a couple of projects that are due the next few months), and while I have some free time, I don’t have the time or energy to do all the testing right now.

Most people will probably be happy getting to run the GOG Version in Windows 10, for instance… But I want to get the game to run as good as possible on Windows 7, 8 and 10… With both the GOG Version and physical releases. And this takes time.

I will eventually get to testing and writing the new guide (I have the honor to have a Sticky Thread in the GOG Forums, I would like to defend such honor!). Until I’m able to do this, though, your best bet is probably either following my (obsolete) Guide or just straight asking in the GOG Forums.



Publishing new Content


I also have a little bit of new content planned for the future! It’s honestly a mix of old entries I never managed to publish (modifying Flags), Trivia, new Fixes I may find… Any kind of Information that I may think could be interesting for the internet, honestly.

I can’t give a concrete timeline, though, and I prefer not to (I have trouble following them if I set the Goals myself). I don’t know if I’ll write three entries in a month and then go on to not publishing anything for a year (I’ve done these before). The only constant is that I do not forget about this site, and neither do I about Settlers IV. If I find something interesting and have some time, I’ll write about it! If not, I’ll do as soon as I can.


This site was never intended to be a hugely active blog that would periodically post new Information about a game that was released nearly 20 years ago. The concept for Settlermania is for it to be a sort of Time Capsule. I have seen a lot of Websites come and go over the years, and much of the old Information being lost behind a Domain for Sale or Error 404. I want to give the remaining fanbase a small Safe Space to be able to come to read something about this lovely game or get a download link for something.


For how long?

As I have stated before, I run this blog more like some sort of Time Capsule than a News Site. There is also not a constant flow of new Information for the game coming out anymore, so the publishing rate will keep being slow for the most part.

However: the flame that burns slow burns longer.Hafen (3)

I have no plans to give up updating this Blog or to stop caring about Settlers IV. You can count on me keeping an eye on Settlermania for many years to come… It’s already been up for 5 years. Why not other 5? 10 years? As long as there’s interest (and I’m alive, of course), I’ll keep an eye on this badly visually designed blog. 🙂






I think that may be all for now. Thank you for making it this far. I just wanted to let you (the Reader) know what I am planning to do, and what I want to do on Settlermania.

Take care!

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