About Me

Who am I?


First of all, I am glad that you clicked on this page!

You can call me Slax, and I am the owner and writer of this blog.

Being half Spanish and half German, I had the change to grow up playing with the original versions of the Settlers games (even with those unreleased internationally), which made me appreciate them even more, as they enjoy a cult status here.


Steinmine (3)Going into Academics, I have studied two years of Computer Science in Spain, and am currently studying Technical Writing in Germany (so I expect to revamp most of the blog when I have the time, to make it more readable).



What qualifies me to write this blog?

Apart from a burning passion for the series (mostly Settlers IV and III, the latter to a lesser extent) not much, to be honest. I am just like any other fan of these games, only that I apparently have a physical inability to forget about them, and like to share useful or interesting information with people.

Fischerhuette (1)


Why should you care?

Well, if you are on this blog, probably because you like Settlers IV (or want to play it, followed the guide and are now just browsing through the pages)!

In all seriousness now, even if I am busy, I really do care about this game and its fanbase. I have had it installed on every computer I have owned for the last 14 years and played it on and off for a little longer. I am by no means great at it, nor do I know how the code works or all its ins and outs… But I will keep working on this blog (again, whenever I have time) for many years to come.


How can you contact me?

I used to have my private email address on this page, but that proved to be both stressful and a bad idea in general. I got also contacted more than once to act as Technical Support, and the let down was huge on both sides.

Instead, you can leave a comment somewhere on this blog (I get emails when that happens, and if I’m not busy I will try to respond!), or send me a PM via GOG.com (I have several posts linked around here, so it shouldn’t be too difficult finding me).

I am also going to put up a Contact Form… I have no idea if this works, and your best bets are still the aforementioned ways, but it’s still worth a try!