About me

So, who is this mysterious Slax that runs Settlermania? Why should I care about what he says? And why is the design so terrible??

Well, for starters, would you be surprised if I told you that you may have already watched some of my videos on Youtube?

On December 2008 I decided to upload Settlers IV’s OST to Youtube, making me the first person to upload the soundtrack there(a few people have joined me since, but I wasn’t able to find anyone who uploaded the Soundtrack earlier than me. If you do, let me know!). I have also uploaded different soundtracks(mostly, but not limited to, other Settlers games). But enough about a ten year old YT Account that has little to do with this blog.


Other than that, you may know me from the GOG.com forums, or r/Vita (talk about staying consistent with the theme of the blog!). Now that we’ve got the shameless Troy Mcclure-esque part out of the way, let me introduce myself for real:



Who is this dude?

I am Slax(aka Slax_Vice86), and I’ve been a long time Settlers fan(I started with S IV over 15 years ago). Lucky me, I’m german, so I could play the original version of the games(and even the unreleased content for Settlers IV, V, and even games like Rise of Cultures), which did nothing but increase my interest in the series as a whole, and in the RTS genre.

I decided to start Settlermania back in 2013, and have been writing on and off(mostly off, though) since then.

I’m currently a student at the Munich University of Applied Sciences after having been studying Informatics in Spain.


What qualifies you to write this blog?

Other than my burning passion for a mostly dead series by now? Honestly, not much else. 😉

Having studied Informatics, I have some knowledge about programming and how computers work. I also own a couple of different releases of nearly every game(which, especially in Settlers IV’s case, is very interesting, as they behave differently in some cases).

Sadly, if you want to mod the game, or know how it works at a closer level, I’m not your guy. I know some people that are working on different projects(which still amazes me to this day), but I’m afraid that I can’t do much to help them actively.


How can I contact you you handsome devil ?

I used to have my private email adress on this very page, but that didn’t turn out to be that good of an idea.

You know about my Youtube Channel(still thinking about deleting that shameless Mcclure segment at the beginning), but I never linked a Google+ Account to it, so there is no way to send me a PM or contact me over there, either.

Until I find another way, like maybe a new email adress for this blog(which would probably get forgotten real fast), your best bet would be leaving a comment on this blog(sometimes WordPress messes up, but usually I get an email when something happens here).



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