Music Fixes

Here’s a brief explanation on how to fix diverse Music problems in The Settlers IV. This guide is based on UltimateSpinDash‘s Music Fix and my own research.

Please Note: I have tried to keep it as simple as possible, as previous attempts at explaining the multiple solutions have been met with confusion. If there’s still a way I can improve upon it, please let me know.


Arbeitsbereich  The desired Music Fix (use the tables below)


  1. Download and extract the folders,
  2. Copy the folders into your main game directory (the name may vary depending on your version),
  3. Merge the /Config and/or /Snd folders and overwrite any files needed.



These tables will help you download the desired fixes. You can find an explanation on each of them below:

the_settlers_iv_logosmall traeger (2) traeger (3) traeger (1)
button_p X X
button_p X
button_p X
75c5ef5750348af3409a785a2f008171small traeger (2) traeger (1)
button_p X



traeger (2) : Fixes the Mayan sound bugs, such as the music stopping altogether after a fight.

This fix was made by UltimateSpinDash.

traeger (3): Restores the missing Trojan Track. If you own the Community Pack or the History Edition, this will be already fixed for you.

traeger (1): Fixes the wrong music tracks playing when playing as the Vikings. In regular Gameplay, the Vikings are programmed to have their Fighting music playing:
(1) (2)
With this fix, the otherwise unused Settlement music will play:
(1) (2)

As this is an optional fix and may be subject to taste, it’s offered separately.